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(2004) Champions of Kamigawa

Champions_of_kamigawa Introducing Champions of Kamigawa, the first set in a three set block themed around Japanese mythology. The set is 306 cards: 20 basic land cards, 110 commons, 88 uncommons, and 88 rares. This set introduced the Legendary Creature supertype and introduced "Defender." In addition, Champions of Kamigawa introduces the "Splice onto Arcane," and Bushido mechanics. Release Date: October 2004

(2005) Betrayers of Kamigawa

Betrayers_of_kamigawa The second set in the Champions of Kamigawa block, Betrayars of Kamigawa features 165 cards: 55 commons, 55 uncommons, and 55 rares. Betrayars features the Bushido and Ninjitsu mechanics. Release Date: February 2005

(2005) Saviors of Kamigawa

Saviors_of_kamigawa The third set in the Champions of Kamigawa Block, the Saviors of Kamigawa set contains 165 cards: 55 commons, 55 uncommon, and 55 rare cards. Saviors features the Channel and Epic mechanics. Release Date: June 2005