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(2014) Khans of Tarkir

Khans_of_tarkir On Tarkir, the home plane of Sarkhan Vol, five warrior clans vie for dominance on the fields of battle, each wielding its own unique blend of fierce battle magic. Release date: September 26, 2014.

(2015) Fate Reforged

Fate_reforged Travel back in time to a war-torn Tarkir where five clans clash with the mighty dragons of the past. The choices made now will decide the fate of Tarkir. Release date: January 23, 2015.

(2015) Dragons of Tarkir

Dragons_of_tarkir The mighty dragons of Tarkir owe their existence to the Planeswalker Sarkhan Vol. From a dragonless present, he traveled back in time more than a thousand years to a crucial turning point, and there he saved Planeswalker Ugin, the Spirit Dragon, from death. In doing so he ensured the continuing presence of the dragon tempests, the storms that feed on Ugin's magic and the source of all dragons on Tarkir. Release date: April 6, 2015.