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Magic Singles

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(1993) Arabian Nights

Arabian_nights This is where it all began. Released in December 1993, five months after the release of the basic game, Arabian Nights was the first expansion for Magic: The Gathering. The flavor of the cards was based on the characters, stories, and objects in the classic Middle Eastern tales, 1001 Arabian Nights. With this set, players can relive the tales of Sindbad and Aladdin, battle powerful djinns and efreets, and journey to strange lands like the Island of Wak-Wak and the Diamond Valley. Featuring some of the most powerful cards ever printed, like Library of Alexandria and Juzam Djinn, Arabian Nights was a fitting beginning to the long tradition that is Magic: The Gathering expansion sets.

(1994) Antiquities

Antiquities It is a time of great peril. Artifacts from an ancient people known as the Thran are being uncovered in tremendous quantities. The civilization of the past was far more advanced, warlike, and brutal, and the war machines dug up from a previous cataclysm are pressed into service. The scientists of today learn much from these relics. In the midst of this renaissance, two brothers, Urza and Mishra, discover an ancient cave. In it they find a stone that has locked away incredible evil for eons upon eons. When they touch it, it sunders, and once again Dominaria is in great danger. The two equal parts of the stone contain within them great power, and the brothers battle each other for control of them both. Their conflict spans years and eventually encompasses the entire continent of Terisiare. There struggle has come to be known as the Brothers' War, and the Thran artifacts uncovered by archeological digs are once again used for battle and destruction. Ornithopters fill the skies. Dragon engines pillage the ground, and a tremendously powerful artifact-called the Sylex-brings down destruction like the world hasn't seen for five thousand years.

(1994) Legends

Legends Legendary Heroes Like any other world, Dominia has its Legends. In this new expansion you'll meet Johan, Gabriel Angelfire, Sivitri Scarzam, Hunding, and many more. As you delve into Dominia's mythology, you'll discover 310 new spells, artifacts, and creatures with the power to defy death. So enter the world of Legends and join the heroes in the struggle for Dominaria!

(1994) The Dark

The_dark It is the time after the Brothers' War. The destructive power of the Sylex blew debris into the air miles high. The sun is blotted out by huge dust storms, and the air is getting colder by the day. An overzealous church comes to power in the aftermath and starts a backlash against magic and magic users. The woes of the world, the church claims, can be blamed on those who channel the power of mana, and wizards become hunted like wild animals. Only those with enough power and the smarts to go underground with their studies continue to practice the outlawed arcane arts. Two secret schools of magic were fabled to exist. On the east, the City Of Shadows. On the west, the Conclave of Mages. No ordinary people can find these locations, and some claim they were simply stories made up by the superstitious. But the art of magic made it through this dark time, even in the face of the oppressive church. Some of the very powerful live on from that time in Dominaria still, and they can attest to the bravery of the mages who protected the art of magic in the period of The Dark.

(1994) Fallen Empires

Fallen_empires It is a time after the great devastation that ended the Brothers' War. In a southern continent, called Sapardia, the weather is getting colder. Food sources are dwindling. War between different colored factions is flaring up due to lack of resources. Times are troubling, and no longer can anyone rely on their ancient allies. Survival has become the foremost goal, and people have begun to turn on each other in an effort to live on. The order created by governmental structures in the cities and towns is being threatened by growing bands of religious zealots. Dwarves are defending their mountain homes from whole armies of orcs and goblins. In the forest, the forces of nature feed off of death, growing fungus everywhere. Under the seas, merfolk have come under attack from a previously unheard of race-upright crustacean warriors called Homarids. And in the swamps, an order of dark magic users finds that their experiments into breeding slaves has backfired, and they are being overrun by the little beasts they have created. It is a time of great troubles, and the great cultures of the past are rapidly collapsing in on themselves.

(1995) Chronicles

Chronicles Chronicles: Released in July 1995, this 125-card set was created in an effort to satisfy players' demand for out-of-print cards. Over half of the cards were from Legends;, but the set also included cards from Arabian Nights;, Antiquities;, and The Dark. Renaissance: When Fourth Edition was released, a good number of cards were rotated in and out of the base game. In non-English editions, many cards would be released in white-bordered "reprint" format before ever appearing in the black-bordered "original printing" format. This series was an attempt to correct the situation by making black-bordered versions available in those languages.

Ice Age Block

Mirage Block

Tempest Block

Urza's Block

Masques Block

Invasion Block

Odyssey Block

Onslaught Block

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Ravnica Block

(2006) Coldsnap

Coldsnap Terisiare, the island continent that was home to the Brothers. War and the Ice Age, is in a state of rebirth known as the Thaw. The icy shell that encased the continent is melting away. Most of the inhabitants of Terisiare rejoice as the ice gives way to warmth and the rebirth of the land. But, in this time of great change, there are some who see it as a time to angle for power: a secretive society of mages poised to shroud the continent with their icy brand of magic.

Time Spiral Block

Lorwyn Block

Shadowmoor Block

Alara Block

Zendikar Block

Scars of Mirrodin Block

Innistrad Block

Return to Ravnica Block

Theros Block

Khans of Tarkir Block

Battle for Zendikar Block

Shadows over Innistrad Block

Kaladesh Block

Amonkhet Block

Ixalan Block

(2018) Dominaria

(2018) Guilds of Ravnica

(2019) Ravnica Allegiance

(2019) War of the Spark

(2019) Throne of Eldraine

(2020) Theros Beyond Death

(2020) Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths


(2020) Zendikar Rising


(2021) Kaldheim


(2021) Strixhaven: School of Mages


(2021) Adventures in the Forgotten Realms

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(2021) Innistrad: Midnight Hunt

(2021) Innistrad: Crimson Vow

(2022) Innistrad: Double Feature

(2022) Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty

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(2022) Streets of New Capenna

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